Part Two: Girlfriend Getaway in Napa

Happy Friday, y’all! Boy, wasn’t it tough getting back into the swing of things after a nice, long, holiday weekend? But here we are, another Monday through Friday in the books and the weekend is here! Last week, I shared Part One: Girlfriend Getaway in Napa—a trip my friends and I planned to ring in our 30th year of life. This week, I’m picking up right where I left off and sharing part two.

The Sunday after our day of winery tours, we woke up…slowly. It was a little cooler out, and just a tiny bit overcast, but we decided to spend the morning lounging by the pool and relaxing. We went over the highlights of the day before, flipped through US Weekly magazines and made plans for the day ahead.


Tara had to head back to LA that afternoon, since she had to be back at work the next day. The rest of us decided we would head towards Napa for a late lunch and a little sightseeing. Farmstead, in Saint Helena, came recommended, and after perusing the menu on their website, we decided it sounded right up our alley (i.e. they have cheddar biscuits with honey butter). The drive to the restaurant was beautiful. The Napa area isn’t short on picturesque scenery. Winery upon winery and row upon row of grape trees line St. Helena Highway, which runs parallel to the Napa River and later turns into Main Street. On the way, we passed some well-known wineries: Sterling, Duckhorn and Sutter Home.


Farmstead is charming. Appropriately, it resembles a barn, serves farm-to-table, most of which is grown at the nearby Long Meadow Ranch, and boasts a nice patio area. We opted to sit outside, although it was a little chilly.

Dani and JennyJessie and Devon

Since we had already peeked at the menu, we were quickly ready to order. We got “back on the horse” and ordered a round of drinks. I went with a Mrs. Daly, Belvedere wildberry vodka, lemonade, iced tea, mint and chambord float. I know. Fancy. Right? For apps, we started with the cheddar biscuits (obviously) and a salad with strawberries, feta and almonds—both were delicious, probably the highlights of the meal for me.


The food was fresh and simple, yet delicious. And, the drinks were refreshing and interesting. For our main courses, Jenny and I both ordered the grass-fed cheeseburger on a potato bun with cheddar, arugula and crispy potatoes. Dani went with the grass-fed lamb sliders and Jessie ordered the mini ham sandwiches with pepper jelly—which were served on the cheddar biscuits (good ordering, Jess!). We were all happy with our dishes and between the food, drinks, company and fresh air—it was a really nice meal.


We ended the meal with a little sweet treat, because let’s be honest…there’s always room. We shared the “Big Easy” beignets with bourbon caramel sauce. After lunch, we browsed the Farmstead Country Store and walked around the restaurant’s grounds. Farmstead would definitely be a great event spot and I noticed that they even serve as a wedding venue.


Aren’t they cute?! My friends…not the beignets.

On our way back to the house, we made two very important stops: one for cheese and the other for an impromptu photoshoot. I mean, when you pass this Napa Valley sign, how can you not stop?!? (Also, although it was probably the most embarrassing purchase I’ve ever made, don’t knock the selfie stick until you try it. It’s pretty ideal for group trips when you need everyone in the picture.) Thank goodness we ran into a really nice couple who offered to take this picture when a selfie just wouldn’t cut it. 
Napa Valley

But, when I say the selfie stick photoshoot got real, I mean…

Napa Valley2NapaValley3whysoseriousBack at the house, our night was pretty low-key. Sadly, I think we were still recovering from Saturday. I guess that’s what happens when you turn 30. But, we put together a nice little charcuterie board  (I just learned that word, so I seriously find any excuse to use it), shared yet a little more wine, and some serious girl talk. I think Bravo was on in the background, which just happens sometimes. All in all, it was a great last night at Girl on the Hill.

Meat & Cheese

Not bad, right? Labeling the cheese on our charcuterie board (see, I can’t help it) was probably the most grown-up, 30-year-old thing we did on this trip.

Cheese seems like a good way to end this post. Next week, I’ll share the third and final bit of the trip.

See you next Friday! xx, Devon

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