Baby Ben’s Favorite Things: 0-3 Months

I’ve admitted to my sister-in-law, whose baby girl, Madeline, is just 2 days older than Ben, that I copied her baby registry. I’m talking pretty close to item for item. But, in my defense, she has great taste, I knew she had done her research and I trust her opinions on such things. It was pretty much the CliffsNotes version of baby registry. This was helpful considering the first time Mike and I set foot into Babies-R-Us it quickly became clear that we 1. had underestimated the amount of stuff babies “need” and 2. needed a bigger place.

It’s pretty crazy just how many things it takes to successfully get us through the day. And, to be honest, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. So, I really tried to narrow it down to our tried and true favorites—“Ben’s best of.”

Just a few notes: #9 makes on-the-go formula feedings much more clean and efficient, #14 a backpack diaper bag is a must for me—being hands-free is so important, #19 these PJs were a gift from one of my besties—they are the softest, coziest PJs Ben has, #22 speaking of soft, this bamboo swaddle is our go-to for bedtime, #25 Ben sleeps in it every night and it plays music that even makes me sleepy (as if I needed any help).fullsizerender-14-copybens-favoritesRead More

Taking A Pause

Today I was planning to post about my favorite mom and baby products, but since the polls closed late Tuesday and Donald Trump was named our President Elect early Wednesday, I’ve had trouble focusing on much else. I mentioned last week that I didn’t want to discuss politics here, or anywhere for that matter—and, I still don’t. But, like most people, this election has taken up a lot of space in my life—I’ve read countless posts on social media, watched hours of coverage, read tons of articles and sat through every debate. And right now I feel like maybe I’d be missing an opportunity if I didn’t address the way I’m feeling. So, those mom and baby products will have to wait until next week.

I woke up on Tuesday morning with so much excitement, so much hope. Mike and I planned to get to the polls as soon as they opened. Sure enough we pulled into the parking lot at 6:25am, with time to spare—impressive for us, especially these days. We were greeted by an already long line that extended far out the door. The wait was no problem—I would have happily waited longer if I had to. An hour later I was casting my vote, Ben right by my side in his stroller, clutching a tiny stuffed dog, dousing it in baby slobber—totally unaware of what was happening—unaware of the weight and importance that moment held. Afterwards, on the way out the door I grabbed two of those token “I voted” stickers, one for me and one for Ben. I spent the rest of the day proud. Optimistic. Ready.

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This weekend my little family and I are headed slightly north to Raleigh, NC. My husband and father-in-law are going to a football game, so Ben and I are tagging along for a change of scenery (and because this mom’s not ready for a night without dad just yet).

We’re still experiencing summer-like weather here in Charlotte—I’m talking mid 80s. I would usually think this was great, but since it’s now the beginning of November, I’m ready for some cooler temps. I think I’ll get my wish this weekend and next week—sounds like we’re finally headed into the 70s and 60s. Then I’ll no longer have an excuse not to get outside for daily walks—which is my preferred method of exercise these days since the gym makes me want to cry. Here are a few other things I’m doing. Currently…

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Nope, Not Today

As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t pull together a post this week. I’m not quite sure how I made it to Friday, but goodness gracious I’m thankful that the weekend is finally here! So, in lieu of a post, would it be okay if I just share this photo of my little family at Sky Top Orchard a few weeks ago?

This day is such a happy memory for me—the perfect fall outing: getting some fresh, fall air with baby Ben, picking apples, eating too many apple cider donuts and drinking the best apple cider slushies.

Have a fabulous weekend and a Happy Halloween, Friends! I’ll try to get it together by next Friday.


See you next Friday! xx, Devon

Hello Fall | Trend To Try: Blush & Burgundy

Happy Friday, Y’all! Let’s just dive right in. Shall we? This week I’ve shopped the heck out of the internet and rounded up some of my favorite fall pieces in my favorite fall color combo: Blush & Burgundy. Like salt and pepper, chips and salsa, peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, biscuits and gravy, these two just belong together. (I really tried to come up with a inedible example but I seriously couldn’t…and now I’m hungry.) Last fall I bought a dreamy, burgundy, suede moto jacket—it was one of the best things I bought all year. And so, this year I can’t wait to wear it again, but this time I’ll be revamping the look by pairing it with a lightweight blush sweater, loafer, or statement earring. Also, while you’re in the shopping mood, if you haven’t already, check out my Fall Fashion Wish List post for some more fall fashion inspiration.

Does anyone else quote Shelby from Steel Magnolias in their head when they hear the word blush? (“My colors are blush and bashful, Mama!”) Ugh, good movie. Especially if you need a good (ugly) cry.

PSA: #6, the blush bomber, is one of my absolute favorite looks in this post and right now it’s 50% off. Go get it!

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