My Month in Pictures: July 2015

The other day I went through every single picture saved on my computer. (It was a slow work day.) The result? Besides questioning some of my outfit choices, noticing I eat a lot of pizza, and confirming how photogenic my dog, Riggins, is, I realized that I have a ton of pictures. Like, so many. As part of my 30 before 30 list, I did a 365 day photo project. I took a picture (or, multiple pictures) every day from age 29 to 30—which I’m now using to create an album. And, in that process, taking way too many pictures on a daily basis became a serious habit. Most of these photos will never make it any further than my phone or computer. So, I decided to put together a review of my July in pictures. Can you believe it’s almost August? Me neither.

IMG_0212Chicago, you’re beautiful. The Chicago River at sunset is one of my favorite views.

GolfingA round of mini golf with my one and only. It’s really not important who won…but, I did. I won.

IMG_0565The 4th of July! It was a gorgeous, sunny day in Chicago. My husband and I went on a picnic and then watched fireworks from the beach.
IMG_0554 (1)Red, white & blue + maple bacon chips + gingham on gingham = my dream 4th of July picnic.

IMG_0709The Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park on the clearest day.

IMG_0725Still dreaming of these perfect, mini s’more donuts from Beaver’s Donuts—I sampled them at the Taste of Chicago.

IMG_0844The bold and colorful Cafe Tola in Lakeview.

SunsettingThis is the view from my apartment window and the subject of many photos I take. What a beautiful sunset!

IMG_0216Shake Shack for a really healthy, low-fat dinner. This was food for 2 people, I swear I didn’t eat all of this by myself. How dare you!

IMG_9974The most beautiful peonies at the Green City Farmer’s Market. Dreamy.

GrillingIn the city we’re about that balcony grilling life. And everything tastes better cooked on a grill, amiright?


IMG_0875Because, National Ice Cream Day.

IMG_0856Jeni’s on Southport is a very happy place.

IMG_0869The lobster roll at New England Seafood Company—summer lunching at it’s finest. Shoutout to my husband for always respecting our “camera eats first” rule. He is so patient.

North Pond2This view never gets old—North Pond in Lincoln Park.


IMG_0896Salad on top of pizza—so, that’s how my diet is going. Parlor Pizza with friends to celebrate the weekend.

RigginsHe woke up like this.

PeachesThese peaches later became peach cobbler…which I ate.

SunsetA pretty, pink sky outside my window. I warned you, lots of pictures of this view.

saladI made this! How impressed are you with the cheese to strawberry ratio? It was a delicious lunch.

IMG_11068:35pm on a Wednesday.

IMG_1122Manchester United vs. Paris Saint Germain in the International Champions Cup at Soldier Field.

Alright, August, you’re up!

See you next Friday! xx, Devon