My June 2016 in Pictures

Better late than never, right?

It’s been an interesting week. After spending two weeks with family in Maryland, New York and New Jersey, last Saturday, my husband and I had the car packed and were ready to head home. We made it just a few miles away from his parent’s house before our check engine light comes on. We’ve had a ton of car issues in the past, so we immediately decided not to risk driving any further and headed back. Once we turned off the car, it wouldn’t start again. I could go on and on about the car problems we’ve faced in the past few years—don’t worry though, I won’t.

So long story short, our trip was extended by five days, we traded in the car that I not-so-affectionately refer to as “the lemon,” bought a new car, and finally started our trip home. (Hence the late post—I just couldn’t get it together, y’all.)

During some downtime this week, I realized I have a few pictures from this past month that I haven’t done anything with, so I thought I’d share my June (in pictures) with you. Here goes…
IMG_7392IMG_7399 (1)IMG_8001IMG_6751IMG_7428IMG_7406IMG_7411IMG_7414IMG_7342IMG_7998IMG_7730IMG_7743IMG_7999IMG_7704IMG_7782IMG_7801cake 2IMG_7817IMG_7923IMG_7912IMG_7981IMG_7990 (1)IMG_3855IMG_7938IMG_7951IMG_7997

From Top to Bottom: Food Truck Friday at Sycamore Brewing | Dinner(s) at my favorite salad place, Chopt | Strawberry picking at Hall Family Farm | Baby boy’s tiny collection of clothes | Riggins doesn’t like getting out of bed | Jon McLaughlin concert at The Evening Muse | National Donut Day at Sugar Donuts | Riggins and a blanket…again | My sister and I over-ordered at Sabor Latin Grill | The cutest baby shower cake | Me and my dad at shower #2 | Dunkaroo Cookie Dough from Do in NYC (the baby wanted it) | Haley at Chelsea Market in NYC | Sweet friends, family and my bump at baby shower #3 (this is one lucky baby!) | Rainbow water ice from Ralph’s Italian Ice in NJ (the baby wanted that too) | Dinner date with my hubs at Surf Taco in Belmar, NJ

See you next Friday! xx, Devon

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