Mother’s Day Gift Guide

In case you didn’t already know, I love my mom big time. She’s my ride or die, my #1 supporter, my editor, my teacher, my friend, my role model. (You can read all about that sweet, little lady here.) And, since becoming a mom myself, my appreciation and admiration for her has reached new levels.  I’m not sure anything could properly prepare me for motherhood. I read books, I was given great advice, and I have a ton of wonderful examples of strong women and moms in my life, and yet, the past nine months have been the ultimate mix of uncontrollable, unmeasurable love and joy and the scariest fear and doubt—a true test of everything I never knew I was capable of.

And because moms of all kinds deserve a day to be celebrated for all they do, thanked and treated, I put together a gift guide to help you find a special little something for that very special someone. You can shop all these items below! Happy Mother’s Day!

Just to point out a few of my favorites…

1 | We got these Nordstrom PJs for my mom for Christmas—they’re super soft!

4 | I love my T3 curling wand. This is a newer version, but I don’t doubt it still creates the perfect soft, beachy waves too.

7 | Is it just me and wishful thinking, or are backpack purses making a comeback? These days I always need my hands free, so this style is perfect. I love this one from Longchamp.

9 | All things gingham. This makeup bag from J.Crew is so cute!

18 | TGIF! Love these slip-ons from Soludos.

21 | This Madewell bag is on my wish list. Perfect to carry all the things.

23 | Barefoot Dreams makes the coziest everything. I can only imagine how soft this blanket must be.

I can’t end this post without acknowledging my deep love for tacos—so, Happy Cinco de Mayo too!

See you next Friday! xx, Devon