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This week, I had every intention of putting together a sweet, little holiday survival guide for you. Then about mid-week, it occurred to me—I literally don’t know the first thing about “surviving” the holidays. I’ve already gained 4ish pounds, I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping, and there’s a box of unwritten and unsent Christmas cards sitting on my dining room table right now. Actually, now that I think of it, if someone has a link to a good holiday survival guide, please leave the link in the comments below. Thanks in advance.

So, instead I thought I’d just fill you in on what I’m currently up to. I’ll try to stick with the Hello, Holiday theme…but, really, maybe we all just need a breather at this point? Perhaps that’s the true “guide to survival” this holiday season—knowing when to take a break and admitting we can’t do it all. We’re not Santa.

Right now, I’m currently…

In search of the perfect holiday libationSpiked Hot Chocolate

And, this Spiked Hot Chocolate from Because I’m Addicted just might be it.

Loving this MAC eye shadow paletteMAC

I’m on the hunt for a new eye shadow palette. I’ve used my tried and true Urban Decay Naked palette into the ground and there are only a few colors left that I rarely use. This ‘Enchanted Eve – Warm’ Eyeshadow Palette by MAC looks like a great replacement. It has all the neutral shades I wear for everyday and bold colors for special occasions. (Bonus: It’s 20% off right now!)

Wondering if it’s too late to add these to my Christmas list?J Crew New Balance

I may already have them in black, gray and white, but a pair of colorful New Balance sneakers, like this pair from J. Crew would really round out my collection. Don’t you agree? Please?

Loving this festive restaurant in Charlotte’s 4th Ward Alexander Michaels

Last weekend, my husband and I had dinner at Alexander Michael’s, a cute tavern in Charlotte’s 4th Ward neighborhood. I’m still thinking about the delicious London broil sandwich I ordered. We’re looking forward to exploring that neighborhood a little more—from the architecture to the cobble stone streets, the area is full of charm.

Obsessed with all things flannel Flannel

And I don’t care who knows it! We’re talking, on a scale of 1 to full-blown lumbersexual, I’m nearing at least a 6.5. I already have a minor plaid problem, but add winter to that situation and it only gets more real. There’s just something about winter that makes me want to put on a some cozy flannel, like this one from J. Crew, and cuddle.

Gushing over these adorable snowman marshmallows:Snowman Marshmallows

In all honesty, I’ll probably just stick to a handful of the mini Kraft kind, because I’m not that patient or talented, but can you even get over how adorable these mushy mallow faces are?!? You can find this recipe for Mint Snowman Marshmallows on I Am A Food Blog.

Still thinking about these bottle brush trees from TargetIMG_6122-2

If you follow Hello Friday on Instagram, you know that this week I tried, unsuccessfully, to convince my husband we needed one of these cute and colorful bottle brush trees from Target. As soon as they get marked down to clearance I’m grabbing one—and it may sit on my desk all year long.

Excited for the new movie SistersFullSizeRender

Tina and Amy are just one of those magical, dynamic duos, aren’t they? (Kind of like Devon and Amy…Schumer…in my dreams.) I can’t wait to see their new movie Sisters over the holidays with my very own sister. If the previews are any indication, it won’t disappoint. (Found on Somemecards)

Wondering, “Why is it called monkey bread?”Monkey Bread

The last time I had monkey bread was in Home Ec. class in 7th grade. When I came across this recipe from Refinery29 all those sweet memories came flooding back. (The monkey bread that is, NOT 7th grade.) It’s doughy, gooey, and sweet! Makes a great dessert… or, breakfast dessert.

Debating on a color for my Christmas maniHoliday Mani

I’m pretty predictable when it comes to nail colors. I’m a “Big Apple Red” or “Cajun Shrimp” kind of girl. (P.S. if naming OPI nail colors is a job, sign me up!) I’m really leaning towards this rich teal color. It’s OPI’s “I Saw…You Saw…We Saw…Warsaw” and I came across it on this post on Into the Gloss.

Thinking about the soup I made this weekIMG_6131

If you’ve ever treated yourself to the amazingness that is Olive Garden’s endless soup, salad and breadsticks, this recipe may sound familiar to you. This is a version of the O.G’s Zuppa Toscano, a potato, kale and sausage soup. I’ve made it a couple of times now, and I swear every time I make it, I follow a different recipe. Really, it’s fairly basic, so I just have a recipe nearby for moral support. This week, my homegirl Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman, came through with her version. It’s the perfect meal for a cold day. Which brings me to…

Sweating a little in mid-December
Baby It's Cold Outside

I knew when moving to Charlotte, NC that winters here wouldn’t be nearly as cold as they were in the Midwest, but Wednesday night my husband and I ate ice cream outside. It seems like there’s so much wrong with that sentence. (Except for the ice cream part—ice cream is never wrong.) And, last weekend there were so many shorts and flip flops around town, I just looked silly in my flannel. Never thought I’d say this, but I could go for a little cold right now. Anyone else with me? (Found on Twitter)

Admiring homemade holiday wreathsDIY Holiday Wreath

I’ve seen so many DIY holiday wreaths on Pinterest this year, and no exaggerating, each one is more beautiful than the next. I especially love the simplicity of this rustic version from The Fresh Exchange.

In need of some lunchtime variety
Chicken Burritos

Now that my husband and I are working from home full-time, lunchtime is just less fun than it was when I went into the office and let co-workers talk me into skipping the lunch I brought from home for something much more greasy and delicious. After weeks of ham sandwiches, which I do love, I’m looking for a few ideas to help switch up our at-home lunch hour. I drooled a little when I came across this recipe for Chicken and Avocado Burritos from Closet Cooking. I think I’ll try these out.

Enjoy your (last shopping) weekend (before Christmas)!

See you next Friday! xx, Devon

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