Hello Again, Hello Friday

After a few months of hibernation, Hello Friday is back! The holidays and my first five months of momming left me feeling the need to regroup, recharge and reinvest. Like most things in my life at the end of last year, Hello Friday started taking a backseat (turns out post-baby, sleep > almost everything…including blogging). I didn’t want to just go through the motions either. I had stopped posting on social media all together. I put posting off to the very last minute. Things felt stale. So, after sharing my holiday gift guides I kind of disappeared on you. (Insert the scene in the rain from The Notebook, “Why didn’t you write me?!?”)

It’s actually taken me longer than I expected to get my blogging juices flowing again. I’ve been putting off this relaunch for weeks—telling myself each week that next week is THE week, stressing about what I should post first. And then I re-reminded myself what I reminded myself 2 years ago when I started this Hello Friday adventure…just start. So, here we are again. And goodness did I miss you! Because when it comes down to it, connecting with you through my weekly posts is a highlight of my week. It gives me a chance to focus on something other than spreadsheets and diaper changes, to share a little bit of myself with you, and to tap into a part of me that gets a little lost during my 9to5 work week.

If you’ve been by before, you’ll notice things look just a little different. I want to take this week to point out a few new features that I’m excited to share with y’all.

1. The Want List – I’m no stranger to online shopping, even if it’s just harmless browsing. The Want List is where I’ll share my favorite products, shopping finds, and keep you up-to-date on my current must-haves. You can easily shop just by clicking on the items. (Note to my husband: feel free to get very familiar with this page.)


2. Let’s Socialize! – Even though we only hang out on Fridays, I want us to stay in touch the rest of the week too. Here you can find even more HF on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Bloglovin’. This time around I’m challenging myself to be a little more social, so feel free to follow along!

3. Featured Posts – You can easily view the latest HF posts on this handy scrolling menu. See something good? Just give it a click and you’ll head straight to the post.

4. Fresh Post Categories – New year, new content! Just like last year, I’ll be sharing my take on all things beauty, style & life—all while reminding you frequently that I’m no expert in any of these departments. But now, I’ll also be sharing my #momlife and dabbling in some home decor—a topic I again know little about, but feel like I do since I say things like “open concept” and “shiplap” a lot, and watch way too much HGTV. (Also, since my husband and I recently bought our very first home, I’m hoping to share some of my adventures in decorating.) A few other areas of interest that might make an appearance: fitness (ha!) and food (Mmm!).

5. Subscribe! – And last, but not certainly not least, you can now subscribe to Hello Friday. (I promise not to spam your inbox—as if it wasn’t already crowded enough, amiright?) Enter your email address into the form and hit subscribe. You’ll receive email alerts when I share new posts.

So, what do you think? I’m really excited to get this ball rolling again. I missed Hello Friday, and I missed you. Did I mention that already? Oh, and this time around the comments section is a little more interactive, so feel free to leave something below.

See you next Friday! xx, Devon

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