Friday Favorites

Well friends, we made it. It’s Friday! I hope you have something fun planned this weekend. My husband and I are in New Jersey right now. We’ll be spending the weekend visiting with family. And this evening, we’re attending a wedding. This means tonight I won’t be in sweatpants, wearing a face mask and watching Dateline for once…which will be strange.

I’m a total sucker for Pinterest. When I need to kill a little time—on the bus, waiting in a line, or while my husband has control of the remote, watching ALL THE SPORTS, I log on and browse. On occasion, I’ve been known to go on a complete pinning binge. Don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds. In these times, I’ve accumulated a stash of favorite finds from all over the web. So, to celebrate this beautiful, first day of May, I thought I might share some of them with you. I’ve rounded up a few of my current favorites in a cute, little post I’m calling “Friday Favorites.” I know, super creative, right? Enjoy!

ASOS Hermione Floral Sandals:

Updated shoes

Ummm y’all, if these aren’t party shoes, then I don’t know what party shoes are. These fun, floral, high-heeled sandals are made by ASOS. I’m really into florals right now—especially floral accessories. (I know. Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.) These shoes would add a great pop of color and pizzazz to a neutral outfit. I’d pair them with a little white or black dress.

A Luau-Themed Tablescape:


This brightly dressed table, featured on 100 Layer Cake, just screams fun! You can wear those ASOS party shoes to this Luau—they are a match made in heaven.

Daily Dishonesty by Lauren Hom:

586475e3ed8ea7c911323431b4420eda calories_985

These are two of my favorites from “Daily Dishonesty,” a hand-lettering, typography and illustration book and blog by Lauren Hom. Both feature little white lies we tell ourselves, or each other on a daily basis. It’s all very relatable (because, calories really DO NOT count on the weekend, right?), funny and creative.

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Turquoise:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.34.03 PM

I get so many compliments on this Kendra Scott necklace. It’s simple, so it’s perfect for every day, but it can also be paired with more dainty necklaces and longer chains for a layered look.

Crate & Barrel Taco Rack:taco-rack

Isn’t this a great idea? I give all the credit to my mom for this find—my parents gave me this handy kitchen helper as part of my birthday gift. My husband and I eat tacos at least once a week. They’re versatile, so easy to make and totally delicious. But, it can be tricky to stuff and serve tacos on a plate. Problem solved. I’m looking forward to using mine next week for Cinco De Mayo. Speaking of, my next favorite has fiesta written all over it…

Blackened Fish Tacos With Avocado-Cilantro Sauce:


I know, two taco pictures in a row. Are you hungry yet? This recipe for Blackened Fish Tacos from Host the Toast makes my mouth water. This would be the perfect dish to work into our taco night rotation. And, that sauce? I would seriously put it on anything or just eat it with a spoon.

Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again:SMOOTH.AGAIN_

During winter I get terrible flyaways. I started looking for a product that would smooth my hair, eliminate frizz and give me a more polished look. After trying a few products unsuccessfully, I finally consulted my hairstylist and she recommended Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again. I use a small, pea-size amount on damp hair—starting at the ends and then working my way up to the roots. Then, after heat-styling my hair, I use a little more product to lightly smooth my hair at the part. I love this stuff. It’s a little pricier than most of the products in my haircare arsenal, but it lasts a long time and the results are worth it.

Favorite Funny Girl: Amy Schumer

Hey, Amy Schumer, can we be friends? Like, best friends? Please? I just love this clip from Ellen. She’s hilarious! Plus, I totally appreciate her love of scones.

Watercolor Print by LoveTheNelsons:


We can all use a little pep-talk now and then. Let’s read this out loud to ourselves and remember just how awesome we are! Wouldn’t this be perfect for a home office or workspace? You can find a framed version of this watercolor from the LoveTheNelsons Etsy store.

Grapefruit Libations:

From Top-Left (clockwise): S’Quiela, Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita, Grapefruit & Mint Mojito, Spicy Grapefruit Margarita, Salty Chihuahua, Schofferhofer Grapefruit, Pink Salty Dog

Hey, you guys, happy hour is from four to six! When I think spring and summer cocktails, citrus immediately comes to mind. My girlfriends and I make a drink called “Summer Beer,” and these fresh and fruity options fall right in line with that. Last weekend, I sampled Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer and immediately knew I had found my new favorite, warm-weather drink. Grapefruit-flavored beer may sound a little strange, but trust me on this one: it’s light, refreshing and just the right amount of fruity.

DDG’s Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe:


Right now, I couldn’t fit another thing into my closet if I tried. Yet, I still feel like I never have a thing to wear! This is partly because there are things in there I haven’t worn, probably in a year, and I’ve completely forgot they were even in there. Although it’s an old post, I came across Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily’s guide for “Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe” and immediately pinned it. I dream of an organized, color-coded closet like the one above.

Bare Minerals Pop of Passion in Nude Passion:Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.51.46 PM

I picked up this lip color a few weeks ago and ever since it has been my go-to. Unless I’m dressing up for a girl’s night out or special occasion, I usually like to keep my lip colors neutral. This product is the perfect combination of lip balm and lipstick. The color is subtle and pretty—it goes on smoothly, is a little glossy and just right for every day.

Dreamy Outdoor Space:

2676e04a36b9b2a1da11c1affb9de09eThis favorite needs no explanation. I want to go to there. How beautiful is this outdoor space created by Willow + Jade? Drool.

All these favorites and more, can be found on HF’s Pinterest boards. If you like what you see, then just go right ahead and pin them for yourself! You go, you! Also, if you haven’t already, check out that Instagram too! I’ll keep you updated on all my posts, so you never miss a thing. And heck, while we’re at it—I joined Bloglovin’. If you love Hello Friday Blog, you can follow me and my weekly posts there also. If you do all that, we’ll be so cozy and connected…OR, you’ll be seriously stalking me…depending on how you look at it. Either way, I like it.

See you next Friday! xx, Devon