Friday Favorites: Blogging Blues Edition

Here’s something fun I discovered this week—blogger’s block is a thing. I had every intention of sharing the first part of my Napa trip today. But what can I say? This week had other plans for Hello Friday. I’ve started the Napa post about 5 different times now, but it’s just not coming out right. The trip was so memorable and special for me and I’m having a hard time “writing it” justice. Admittedly, my mind has been a little preoccupied with work. I have my annual review coming up, which always makes me a little nervous. There’s a serious online evaluation and goal-setting process I had to complete this week. You know, just some grown-up problems.

Throughout this new adventure in blogging, I keep reminding myself to stop stressing so much. I’m aware that any pressure I feel is completely self-imposed, mostly because Hello Friday is important to me. It’s also important that you connect with what you’re reading. You’re reading, right? I have moments where I wonder, “should it be this hard?” I’m only committing to weekly posts! But, as I’m sure you know, sometimes life just gets in the way. It’s a test in finding that work/life balance. We all struggle with the stuff we have to do and then the stuff we want to do. The have to’s tend to win. That being said, I hope you’re fitting in some of what you want into your week too. Obviously, the struggle is real. Right? Gosh, you’re a good listener. Let’s be friends!

This week, rather than stress about my blogger’s block, I’m just going to embrace it. So, here are some blue-themed Friday Favorites.

The Perfect Picnic: Blue Gingham:

perfect picnicI may or may not have a mild obsession with gingham. I’ve always adored the classic check of a bold gingham pattern. It’s really popular these days too—which only feeds my infatuation. A proper picnic was on my 30 before 30 list and I can’t imagine a more perfect picnic backdrop than a gingham tablecloth. These picnic looks come from Tasting Table.

Denim on Denim, Done Right:

JCrew DenimWhen worn properly, denim on denim can be a sophisticated look. In my experience, it’s actually pretty hard to master. My tip: make sure your denim pieces aren’t too matchy-matchy. Try something like this look from J.Crew—lighter denim on top, darker on bottom. When in doubt, just avoid looking like Britney & Justin circa the 2001 American Music Awards. In case you forgot, here’s a reminder. Click with caution though, because you can’t unsee it.

Bold Blue Kitchen Cabinets:

TheKitchnMy dream kitchen is bright and all white. But, when I came across this design posted on The Kitchn—I swooned a little. I just love the contrast of the light marble, white subway tiles and then the bold pop of blue cabinets.

Iceberg Salad with Strawberries & Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette:

Iceberg Strawberry SaladOh. My. I recently discovered how much I enjoy fruit on my salads. This combination: iceberg, BACON, strawberries and bleu cheese sounds right up my alley. Find the recipe at Inspired Taste. It’s a light meal perfect for warm weather days.

‘I Need Coffee’ Sleep Mask from Wildfox:

I Need Coffee_WildfoxAt some point in adulthood, I started needing coffee to start my day. I remember really drinking coffee for the first time in college. I used to order a white chocolate mocha if that’s any indication of how serious my coffee drinking. Don’t get me wrong, I still love lots of cream and a little sweetness—basically as un-healthy as possible. This sleep mask from Wildfox speaks to me…and my overall mood most mornings, especially on Mondays.

Feeling Blue? Then Look at This Picture of My Dog, Riggins:

IMG_7298Consider this his Hello Friday debut. But, please don’t disturb him…he’s on vacation. Clearly. (Please note, the blue gingham—he’s my spirit animal.)

Weekend Words to Live by:
Say Yes To Adventure

Amen. This design by Kelly Christine speaks words of weekend wisdom! Summer is all about adventure.

The Blueberry Muffin from Starbucks:

muffinOk, I’m just gonna say this real quick and then we can all move on. I’ve had the Blueberry Muffin with Yogurt and Honey from Starbucks twice this week. There. And yes, Starbucks posts the calories in very plain sight for all their menu items. My mother-in-law introduced me to these muffins and since then, I’ve thought about them often. They’re light, fluffy, have a streusel topping and the perfect muffin to blueberry ratio. Also, when they ask you, “Would you like it warm?” The answer: yes.

Bold, Beaded Strands from Bauble Bar:

Bold Beaded Strand_Bauble BarI’m so into these bold, beaded necklaces from Bauble Bar. I included the mint version in my Trend to Try: Summer Accessories a few weeks ago. For me, statement jewelry is everything. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a fun, bold accessory can completely transform an outfit.

A Room with a View at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat:

Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat (Cap Ferrat, Costa Azul)Ummmm, hello! I don’t know about you, but right now I’m wishing I was the lucky lady in this picture. I stumbled across this picture on Conde Nast Traveler earlier this week (you know, while I was really focused at work) and had to know where this beautiful place was. Turns out it’s the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat in the French Riviera. If you want to drool check out the other pictures on their website.

A Table Set For Blue:

Blue DishesI love these blue and white plates. This pattern in particular reminds me of dishes my grandma had. It’s such a classic look. I found this particular pattern while browsing Pinterest.

The Blue Margarita:The Blue Margarita

Is it 5 o’clock? Close enough. How refreshing and festive does this Blue Margarita from Confections of a Foodie Bride look? This libation would be perfect for a summer soiree or while lounging pool-side.

Turkish Beach Towels:

turkish beach towelsSpeaking of the pool…I’m so into these turkish beach towels. They come in a ton of colors and you can find them just about everywhere right now. Real talk, I’m a little embarrassed of my current beach/pool towel choices. So, this summer I’m going to upgrade to one of these striped options. Two of my favorites: (left) Linum Home Textiles, (right) Serena And Lily

Blue Gallery Wall by Pottery Barn:

gallery-wallI have a mini gallery wall in my apartment. But, for years I’ve been mentally planning and collecting pieces for a future, floor-to-ceiling, gallery wall (for that dream home office I talk about). I love this symmetrical arrangement from Pottery Barn. It reminds me of a great idea one of my friends introduced me to—framed fabric. It’s inexpensive and you can truly tailor the look to match decor in any room.

Le Specs Blue Mirrored Shades:

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.00.27 PMMy eyes are super sensitive to light, so I always have a pair of sunglasses on me. If you’re interested in trying the mirrored lens trend that is so popular right now, this pair by Le Specs is great. For the look, they’re fairly inexpensive and these colors? Perfection.

Did we shake the blues?! Hope y’all have the best weekend.

See you next Friday! xx, Devon