Friday Favorites

Have you ever dropped your cell phone on your face? If you haven’t, can you just pretend? I need this. The other night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep—I held up my phone, aimlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed and then I don’t know what happened. It slipped? Maybe I started dozing off? And, I just dropped my phone on my face. Thank God no one was there to witness it, not even my husband, because it was a.) embarrassing, b.) kind of painful, and c.) scared the sh*t out of me.

So, there’s that…

Here are a few other things I did this week:

  1. Made my first peach cobbler AND lasagna (my husband and I are on a very low-carb diet)
  2. Shrunk my favorite new cardigan in the dryer
  3. Killed THREE spiders in my apartment

Bottomline, I’ve done a lot of domestic, wifey things this week. How’s your week been? How about a Friday Favorites to kick-off the weekend? Here we go…

Gingham Settee by Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Caitlin Wilson_Gingham

The beautiful fabrics by Caitlin Wilson Textiles make me swoon. I’m not shy about my love and adoration for gingham. This bold, gingham ‘Dylan’ settee by Caitlin Wilson speaks to me. This is truly a statement piece.

Rose Wine Cocktail by Perpetually Hungry

Rose Cocktail

I’ve told you about the wine nights my girlfriends and I have. We’re always looking for something a little different to introduce into our libation rotation. Lately, we’ve been mixing up wine spritzers—part wine, part club soda. This Rose Wine Cocktail created by Perpetually Hungry, seems right up our alley. Doesn’t it look refreshing?

THE Nordstrom Anniversary SaleNordstrom Sale

#NSALE was hashtag EVERYWHERE this week. The sale finally opened up to the general public: non-Nordstrom card holders, like me. Just for fun, I went through all the sale items online and put everything I liked in my cart. Afterwards, I quickly closed the browser and backed away from my computer. Prices go up August 3rd.

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Lexi’ Bucket Bag

Rebecca Minkoff_Bucket Bag copy

Speaking of the Nordstrom sale, this Rebecca Minkoff ‘Lexi’ Bucket Bag is 33% off right now. I’ve been in search for the perfect bucket bag—I really like the look and style. Can I have this one?

Cinnamon French Toast Bites from Recipe Tin Eats


Remember the French toast sticks from school lunches? Those were seriously the best. Besides snacks, brunch is my favorite meal lately. And these sweet, little bites found on Recipe Tin Eats would be a perfect brunch dish.

Draw Me a Song: Single Ladies Print

Single Ladies_Draw Me a Song

Ummm, do you love this? Or, do you love this? Draw Me a Song illustrated Bey’s “Single Ladies” with this fun print. Just looking at it makes me want to dance…in a leotard.

Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice from Trader Joe’s

Trader Joes_Cold Pressed Juice

Watermelon. Nice segue from Beyonce, huh? The credit for this favorite goes to my husband. He picked up this watermelon juice from Trader Joe’s the other weekend and I loved it. One 15.2 ounce bottle contains 2 pounds of watermelon! The juice is refreshing, fruity, light and just like they claim, “it tastes like summer.” It’s one of the better pressed juices I’ve tried.

Green Palm Outdoor Pouf Ottoman by SquareFoxDesigns

Palm Print OttomanI’m all about the palm leaf print right now. My sister has an adorable palm print romper—it’s just perfect for this time of year—makes you feel like you’re somewhere warm and tropical, even when you’re not. I love the contrast of the pink piping and the bold, green leaf on this ottoman. Unfortunately, the ottoman by SquareFoxDesigns, is no longer available on their Etsy store. But I’m definitely on the hunt for something else in this pattern.

Everything from Textile Designer, Rhianna Ellington

Rhianna Ellington

In my hunt for the perfect palm print, I came across Rhianna Ellington. She’s a textile and surface pattern designer based in the UK. I’m slightly crazy about her beautiful designs. Next month she’s introducing a line of clutches which will feature her fun, printed fabrics.

5 Easy Summer Hairdos

Hot Weather Hair

During the summer, I have zero ideas on what to do with my hair. When I wear it down, I’m ready to put it up after only a few minutes of being in the heat. I’ve been doing some searching, trying to find some simple up-do styles that have a more polished look than a basic ponytail. I came across an older post on Lauren Conrad’s website: 5 Easy Summer Hairdos—I’m gonna give a few of these a try.

Talula Tassel Drops from Bauble Bar

Bauble Bar Earrings

Oscar de la Renta makes some gorgeous tassel earrings. But they are way out of my price range. This is a definite “look for less.” These Talula Tassel Drop Earrings from Bauble Bar are an affordable alternative.

 Ashley Brooke Designs’ Mugs

I’m a tiny bit obsessed with coffee mugs. I have an entire Pinterest board that I like to call “mean muggin'” dedicated to my favorites. (It’s a secret board because I realize that it’s strange.) I follow Ashley Brooke Designs on Instagram and I’ll say this, homegirl is fun! She has a really cute and colorful line of mugs and drinkware that feature sayings like “Every Day I’m Hustlin,'” “You Can’t Sit With Us,” and “Treat Yo’ Self.” I’m especially digging her floral print mug right now.

Gray Malin’s Aqua Glam Collection

Gray Malin_Aqua GlamGray Malin’s work is pretty spectacular. He’s know for his impressive, aerial view photos. He literally hangs out of a helicopter to get most of his shots. His Aqua Glam collection is beautiful and full of bright color.

Hey, you! Get out there and make this weekend the best weekend ever!

See you next Friday! xx, Devon