Fall Syllabus: Hello Friday + Warby Parker

HF & WP2I’ve been a “four eyes” since I was nine years old. (Don’t worry, as a “four eyes” it’s ok to call myself one.) And, in all that time, I’m so happy to say that eyeglasses have come a long way. Gone are the awkward, too round, shiny metal specs that I was forced to wear in 3rd grade. Glasses are now a fashion statement, an accessory. There are frames for every look, outfit and even mood. However, if you’re a prescription glasses-wearing person like myself, you know that glasses can be pricey—which makes it difficult to switch frames and painful if they get lost or damaged.

Problem solved. Warby Parker sells affordable optical and sunwear styles that will complement your wardrobe and spare your bank account. If there isn’t a store nearby, head to their website, pick 5 styles you like, and Warby Parker will send them to you for an at-home trial. It’s super easy to send back the trial pairs and then place your order for the frames you like. And, to top it all off, I love their socially conscious, “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair,” program. Donations matched from their monthly sales go towards training “men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.” These efforts promote education, create jobs, and afford those in need the gift of 20/20. WP6These are my Warby Parker Baxter frames. I love them.

This week, with the help of Warby Parker, I’m sharing the number one assignment on my #FallSyllabus and showing you how I celebrate my favorite season. When I started thinking about what inspires me the most during fall, every idea seemed to have a common theme: friends. Whether it’s apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch, or tailgating, to me, fall is all about coming together, getting outside and enjoying the last of the year’s good weather.

What better way is there to celebrate the season, spending a day outdoors, admiring the beautiful fall leaves, than on a picnic with my best friends? I began gathering some fall-time decor for inspiration. On the top of that list: festive blooms and, of course, a pumpkin. I wore Warby Parker Barnett frames and found the best looking pumpkin at the patch. IMG_4546I packed my basket with fall treats (i.e. pie), something warm to drink, plenty of blankets, and then met my friends Jenny and Dani in Lincoln Park to hunt for a spot to set up. It was a perfect day—the sky was clear, the sun was shining, and there were fall colors all around us. Dressed in our fall best, wearing Warby Parker styles: Barnett, Clark, Everett, Crossfield & Reilly—we had fun swapping pairs and switching up our looks. Picnic11Picnic8It was so much fun walking through the park and enjoying the scenery. Our picnic blanket came in handy when it started to get chilly.Picnic7Picnic6Lincoln ParkPicnic16Picnic4Warby Parker styles from left to right: Clark, Crossfield & Barnett

Then we found it—under a big, shady tree, with plenty of room to spread out: the ideal picnicking spot. We spread out the blankets and unpacked the basket. There was apple pie, hot apple cider, and because it just wouldn’t have been a picnic without it, a little wine.

Picnic12Picnic Details2Picnic14Picnic13It was a fall day I’ll always remember. One made extra special because it was spent with wonderful people. It was also my last weekend in Chicago before my big move and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate fall or the end of my time living in the city. I’m checking fall picnic off my #FallSyllabus.

HF’s Must-Haves for the Perfect Fall Picnic:

Perfect Fall Picnic

  1. A Seasonal Pie – Apple or Pumpkin, your call. Try this recipe!
  2. A Warm Blanket & Pillows a cozy foundation for any fall picnic.
  3. A Seasonal Beverage Hot Apple Cider with cinnamon sticks, anyone? (Here’s a similar one)
  4. Fall-Scented Candles – You know, to set the mood
  5. Picnic-Perfect Basket Isn’t this one adorable?
  6. Apples Honeycrisp are my favorite.
  7. Mean Muggin’  for those seasonal beverages (Is there such a thing as too much plaid? Answer: No)
  8. A Pumpkin  picked by yours truly from my local patch
  9. Wine – Cheers!
  10. Fall Flowers – Dress up your picnic with some fancy picnic decor.
  11. The Perfect Specs Stay fall-fashionable with Warby Parker eyeglasses & shades. (I love the Everett sunglasses and Clark frames.)
  12. Gingham Plates – Serve your pie in style.
  13. (Not Pictured) Best Friends Because really, what’s a picnic without friends?

What’s on your #FallSyllabus?

See you next Friday! xx, Devon

(All photos by Mike Kudlacik)