I’ve felt pretty darn focused this week…besides the fact that yesterday I locked myself out of the apartment…again. (I wonder if at some point my husband’s boss will stop believing the old, “I have to leave work early because my wife locked herself out,” excuse.) BUT, I was on my way to the gym, so that counts for something, right? Speaking of fitness, I also started a 10-day cleanse this week. I’ve done it a couple times now and it always jumpstarts my motivation and makes me feel good. So, I’ve been eating right, working out and I have a ton of energy lately. Sometimes when I’m on a “diet” I like to watch the Food Network just to test my self-control. Earlier this week, while I lunched on a salad, The Pioneer Woman was making a chocolate pie, chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate cookies and chocolate fondue. The theme was obviously chocolate/good luck with that cleanse, Devon. And, guess what? I made it through totally unscathed! And without hunting down the bag of Tollhouse semi-sweet morsels that I know are in the cabinet above the stove, strategically too high for me to reach without a step-stool. Not that I ever think of them, or anything.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I’ve been suuuuper focused and on a cleanse. Right. Here are a few other things I’m currently up to:

Still sore from my first SoulCycle class.Soulcycle

My friend, Dani and I took our first SoulCycle class on Monday. And real talk, I’m still feeling it. But, now I get the SoulCycle hype, because it really is that good. I’ve taken quite a few spin classes in the past, but none of them were like this. A class at SoulCycle is an experience—they help you set-up your bike perfectly, there are candles, dim lighting, fantastic music, and an expert instructor. There’s also a weights portion of the class, which makes it more of a full-body workout. (Hence the soreness.) And even beyond full-body, SoulCycle guides you to focus on your intentions, inner strength and hone in on your feelings as well.

Craving all things pumpkin (especially these mini cakes).

Mini Pumpkin Cakes

It’s that time of year where you can find pumpkin spice anything. And, because I’m not immune to this, like clockwork, when mid-September rolls around, I start to crave it. I think these mini pumpkin cakes from The Baker Chick are not only mouth-watering, they’re also adorable.

Reminding myself to:Never Stop Creating New Shit

I’m an all-around happier person when my day-to-day includes a little something creative. It’s part of the reason I started Hello Friday. And, most of the time this means I have to challenge myself to meet those needs outside of work—regardless if it feels like there’s no time left for anything else. Along these lines, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about journaling. I used to keep a journal, but after a traumatic experience in high school (i.e. my horrible high school boyfriend read it…without permission), I sort of fell off the wagon. I was telling my husband about this book, from my childhood, “Amelia’s Notebook,” by Marissa Moss—which really inspired me to start writing things down. I miss it. You learn a lot about yourself when you put all those ideas and feelings, swarming around inside, down on paper. It makes your thoughts tangible and your ideas real—plus, it can help you visualize goals and dreams. You know, putting it out into the universe. Manifesting. And, all that. Thanks to this reminder posted by Jasmine Dowling on Instagram, I am trying to tap into all that and create more.

Debating if I can pull off a pattern-mixing look like this:Pattern Mixing

Stripes AND plaid in one look—ummmm, yes please. Every year, I anxiously await the return of plaid and I’m so happy it’s finally here. Scarves, shirts, pants—there aren’t many plaid looks I’ve met that I haven’t loved. But, it’s definitely best to wear it in moderation. I’m going to try to recreate this ensemble from Madewell…in the privacy of my apartment….and then take a selfie…and then send it to my sister and ask if I can pull it off.

Excited to try Starbuck’s new latte.Fall Latte

I’m a PSL girl through and through. I can’t help it, I just am. But, Starbucks just released a new fall latte for the first time in 4 years and I’m feeling curious. The new Toasted Graham Latte sounds very s’more-esque and that’s a pretty solid indication that it’s a delicious treat. Refinery29 shared a write-up about the new menu item on their website this week. Also, that cup pictured above is Starbuck’s new, limited-edition fall cup. I’m sure we’ll be seeing it all over Instagram starting, like, now. Have you tried it?

Looking forward to some fall fun this weekend.


Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, apple picking (accompanied by apple cider and apple cider donuts)—I love it all. For the past few years, my husband and I have made a drive to Apple Holler in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, for some outdoor fall fun. We’re planning on going with friends this Sunday. Mmmmm, I see apple crisp in my near, post-cleanse future.

Feeling hungry thanks to these visual party menus.Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens nailed it with these visual party menus. Talk about party inspiration! This post goes beyond basic recipes and allows you to visualize an entire menu for your next gathering. It’s almost impossible to look at these pictures without wishing you were invited…or, your stomach growling. I especially love this Winter Fiesta menu.

Determined to find the perfect Moto Jacket for my fall wardrobe.

Moto Jacket

I’m all about Moto jackets right now. The only problem? I don’t have one. I love the look though—it’s a little edgier and they really make the outfit. I’m on the hunt for an affordable version this season. Which shouldn’t be too hard considering they’re just about everywhere right now. I’m especially loving Topshop’s suede style, which I included in my Fashionable Fall post last week. ShopStyle even calls it: The Jacket Every It Girl Owns.

Reading ‘The Luckiest Girl Alive’ by Jessica Knoll.

Luckiest Girl Alive 4

Actually, I just finished it yesterday! I’m part of a book club at work and it was my month to pick the book. Reese Witherspoon posted on Instagram that she was reading a new thriller, “The Luckiest Girl Alive” by Jessica Knoll (since then, it’s been reported that Reese has even signed on to produce a film version). After a little googling, most of what I read dubbed it the next “Gone Girl” or “Girl on the Train.” And, since I loved both of those books, I decided to read it. I struggled getting into it at first, the main character, TifAni, was a little hard to warm up to, but soon it became clear why and the story captured my attention. It touches on some disturbing, but real issues and parts of it are a little graphic. Once I was hooked, it was hard to put down—it’s a thriller and a page-turner.

Trying to decide if I like Moscow Mules, or just the copper mugs?

Moscow MulesMoscow Mules, they’re certainly not my drink of choice, but really, how can you resist those copper mugs? I’d like to drink all my beverages, adult or not, out of them. A Beautiful Mess came up with 3 Fun Twists on the Moscow Mules—making this libation much more appealing.

Wishing I had a “Dronie” of me and my squad.Dronies

Alright, y’all. I’m just going to say it. Dronies have outdone the selfie. My Domaine has put together some impressive dronies that will make all our selfies really jealous. But, until Kim K makes a “Dronish” book, does it really even matter?

Watching this Toderick Hall video on repeat.

My friend Ashley posted this video on Facebook—so, he gets all the credit for introducing me to Toderick Hall. And, since then, I’ve watched it no less than 10 times. I can’t imagine how long it took to make. Toderick is really talented, has a ton of videos on his YouTube channel and a show on MTV.

What have you been up to lately? Leave a comment and let me know!

See you next Friday! xx, Devon