Bored? I Think There’s an App for That

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the DMV this week. My husband and I needed to get our North Carolina driver’s licenses and had really been dragging our feet. This was our second attempt. The first time we tried, last weekend, the line stretched out the door. We were towards the end of that line. At one point, a DMV employee came outside and told us, we could stay but we most likely wouldn’t be seen before they closed at 12pm. My husband and I decided to ditch the line and salvage the rest of our Saturday morning. But this week, we had no time left to put it off, so long wait or not, the DMV had to happen. Naturally, while we waited we used our iPhones to keep us entertained.

I was reminded of an idea for a post that one of my good friends had suggested—what do you do on your phone when you’re bored and you’ve exhausted your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds? So, here’s a look at some of my favorite apps and how I like to spend my time on my phone.


1. Organizing & Editing Photos

I have 13,000+ photos on my phone. I know, it’s a real problem. So, one thing I like to do when I’m idly killing time on my phone, is organize those pictures into albums and edit the better ones. Some of my favorite photo editing apps are VSCO and PicFx.

2. Reading

Some may find it hard to read books on their phone, but I love it. I use the Kindle app and all my books are right there with me on my phone. Another thing I love? You can easily bounce from phone, to kindle to iPad, using the app, and never lose your place.

3. Listening to Podcasts

Serial was really the first podcast to attract my attention, but since, with some encouragement from my mom, I’ve been listening to a few others. There is really a podcast out there for just about everything. Some of my favorites? This American Life, Stuff You Should Know and Freakonomics Radio. And, If you’re looking for something a little different, Limetown is a fictional but entertaining story.

4. Pinterest

I could wander through Pinterest for hours. I enjoy creating new boards and finding inspiration for just about everything and anything. Recipes, home decor and fashion are my favorite Pinterest searches.

5. BuzzFeed

With their entertaining articles, lists on just about everything and quizzes like, “How Much of a Pizza Addict are You Actually?” it’s easy to kill time browsing BuzzFeed.

6. Online Shopping & Polyvore

I’m a sucker for online shopping—even if I’m not buying anything, I love to see what’s out there. That’s why I love apps like Polyvore, that let you browse items from lots of stores at once, and create looks by putting items together in collages.

7. Hashtag Searching on Instagram & Twitter

Maybe you’ve already scrolled through your feeds a couple hundred times, but even when I’ve exhausted Instagram and Twitter, I love to search by hashtag and look at pictures and tweets of things I’m interested in. Here are some of my favorite hashtag searches: #vacation, #style, #blogger, #hairstyles, #makeup, #food or #clteats (this is a great way to find new restaurants in Charlotte—I’m sure there’s a similar hashtag for your city too!)

8. House Hunting

Since my husband and I are starting to look for a house, I love searching through the app and looking at what’s for sale in our area. There are great filters to make sure your searches find the best results.

9. Watching Tutorial Videos on Youtube

Specifically makeup and hair tutorials. I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but I do like Casey Holmes and Sazan Hendrix. (Search them by name and their channels will come up.) I always learn some new tips and tricks. I find them so entertaining and before I know it, the minutes have flown by and I want to spend my entire paycheck at Sephora.

10. Games

I’ll admit, I went through a tiny Candy Crush “thing” a while back. And every now and then, I still revisit it. But, there are a few other games that I’ve tried since. Solitaire, QuizUp, WordBubbles! and Bejeweled are all solid choices. Just avoid those in-app purchases.

And, if all else fails, just head over to and read every post…twice.

How do you spend time on your phone? Do you have a favorite app? Comment below!

See you next Friday! xx, Devon